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Send us your Logo and we will:

Silk Screening / Heat Transfers / Embroidery / Pad Printing / Laser / and more..... In any Promotional Products.......  

We do Banners / Canopies / Awards / Sports and Apparels / Glass wares / 

One SHOP that put your logo in anything.

Submission Guidelines

Specify Platform: PC 
Acceptable Formats: EPS is the preferred file format
Other Formats: Adobe Illustrator (.AI), Adobe Photoshop (.PSD), PDF, EPS, TIFF, and Uncompressed JPEG. Coral Draw.

Color Mode: RGB

Artwork Guidelines:


Use Pantone solid colors to create art, reference standard Plastisol colors for actual screen printing

Submit either your proposed width or height, as artwork remains in proportion when enlarged or reduced

Please label your artwork with: YOUR NAME, PLACEMENT (front, back, left chest, sleeve, etc) and COLORS

Vector Art:

All fonts must be included or saved as curves/outlines

Free standing lines minimum 2pts

Photo Art:

All images need to be at least 300dpi or higher resolution at 100% size
All fonts must be embedded or saved as curves/outlines

If one color design, make color black (gray scale or bitmap)

If several colored, make each color its own layer

Do not flatten image unless it is one color with no background

Screen Printing Submission Questions

How large should my logo be? There are no set standards. This is art and it is all very subjective. We recommend that you print your image onto paper in a number of different sizes. For example, print your image at 6", 8" and 10" wide. Place the images one at a time in the location on your garment where you want it to print. Use a live body rather than laying it flat on a table, so you'll see how the shirt looks as someone wears it.

We accept files created in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint however, keep in mind that those files are not ready artwork and will need design services. Mainly because we are not able to create separations from any files created with these programs.

When placing images created in Photoshop into Adobe Illustrator do not enlarge the placed image. Resizing the image changes its resolution. Even though the original Photoshop file is 300dpi, if you enlarge it 300% in Illustrator the resolution becomes 100dpi.

Images created for the internet are generally unacceptable as image resolution is generally too low (72dpi) to correctly reproduce the image on a t-shirt.

Please consider the color of your selected garment when submitting artwork. For your own reference place your artwork on a background color of your selected garment color. Artwork is separated differently for different color garments.

If you have any other questions email art department or call at (424) 570-0185. Also inquire about our design services.


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